Starseed Stones: Moldavite

One of the most powerful high vibrational stones to use when manifesting change and transformation in your life is Moldavite.

Moldavite is of cosmic origin. It’s is a special kind of meteorite called a tektite. It’s is believed that it was formed out of meteorite impacts on earth about 14.7 million years ago in the bomehian plateau areas of present day Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Austria. Currently it is only found in the Czech Republic. It was formed by the heat generated from the crash impact which the melted the tektite and when cooled formed into its green, glassy texture. It is very delicate, rare and expensive. It should be handled with care and respect.

Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond pendant for spiritual awakening, acceleration, and transformation.

Moldavite carries an intense vibrational energy. Because it is of cosmic origin fused with earthly elements the combined extraterrestrial and terrestrial energies provide us with very intense and interesting properties. It is a stone for connectivity and transformation. It is particularly beneficial for those of us who are starseeds (newly incarnated from another planet) facing difficulty dealing with suffering and our emotions. It helps us connect to our planet of origin and dealing with homesickness. Moldavite awakens our psychic and telepathic abilities. It’s also aides us to connect and receive messages from other realms and our own guides. One thing to make note of is that the stone sometimes tends to disappear and re-appear when it serves its purpose. You might lose it and later find it in the most random of places. Do not be alarmed, just accept it if this does happen.

For many, when first holding a Moldavite they may experience heat, electrical shocks, pulsations, flushing of the face, and even dizziness or disorientation. This is due to the high energy properties that our own body needs to adjust to.

Wearing Moldavite as jewelry helps us hold and adjust to its energy field. It raises our frequency and vibration which then creates synchronizities in our life. It opens new possibilities for us to achieve and attain that which we desire. Those who work with or wear Moldavite have reported dramatic and suddenly changes in their life. Several books have been written about the stone and its effects (I strongly recommend Robert Simmons book “Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation”). Also there are video testimonials on YouTube of people who describe their experiences with the stone.

Moldavite and Amethyst pendant for crown chakra activation. Click on the photo to purchase.

Moldavite is one of the synergy twelve stones. When combined along with any of the other eleven it creates and intense energy punch used in creating and manifesting our reality. Other popular stone and crystals used with Moldavite include Herkimer Diamond, Prehnite, Tibetan Tektite and Melody Stone (Super 7).

High vibrational Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond and Amethyst bracelet.

The following chakras are activated and cleared by Moldavite: Heart, third eye and crown. As a talisman used in meditation it can be used to awaken consciousness, for spiritual expansion, and to connect with the higher self and ascended Masters. It guides and protects us in our spiritual journey towards enlightenment.

Personal Experience With Moldavite:

About two years ago I purchased a black tektite with quartz crystal bracelet. When I first held the piece in my hand I felt dizzy and a bit disoriented, it took me a while to get adjusted to the powerful energy. Shortly after that I purchased my first Moldavite stone. It did not feel as intense as the Tektite bracelet, however it made me a little hyper. I tried to place the Moldavite under my pillow to stimulate my dreams, but it was impossible to go to sleep with it. I feel that Moldavite pumps me up. Iused to wear it combined it with Prehnite and Tektite. All three of those stones aid in connecting and communicating with other worldly beings.

That first piece parted ways with me when I traveled to India to participate in the Inner Awakening program. I feel that it had served its purpose with me. It led me to meet my Guru (Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda).

About two months ago I had a yearning for Moldavite again, and I bought a second piece. That stone combined with a piece of Shattuckite helped me stimulate my third eye and to receive strong downloads and visions. Once again, after it had served it’s purpose about three weeks after I purchased it disappeared.

Recently, I have acquired a Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond bracelet that is just divine! I have been feeling that “Starseed homesickness” I mentioned earlier in this article. I feel that wearing the bracelet gives me a little bit of comfort knowing I have a little piece of home with me on my wrist. Also, I feel it helps with insecurities and self doubt. Moldavite and Herkimer are both very high vibrational and accelerate consciousness, I think that is why that bracelet helps lift me out of lower vibrational spaces and dispels negative thoughts in me. To learn more about the power of crystals and how to feel their energy read “Can You Feel The Power Of Crystals?”.

My beloved bracelet. I recently wore it during a trip to Seattle. It really helped me overcome some difficult and emotional moments when I felt I was going to loose my shit.

To learn more watch this video by Robert Simmons where he talks about his experience with Moldavite and how he uses it in workshops and meditations to help others awaken and heal.

If you are interested in purchasing Moldavite I urge you to please purchase only from reputable sources. There is fake Moldavite being sold online. You can watch this video to learn how to spot it.

You can purchase authentic beautiful Moldavite jewelry at my store Eternal Blissed Jewelry here :



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