Why Work With Crystals and How To Choose the Right One

If you are new to crystals and have never worked with one you might be wondering why you should even care about pretty and colorful rocks. Perhaps you do not understand why so many people are in love with crystals. Truth is, not everyone is sensitive to crystal energy, however everyone can benefit greatly from the power and properties that stones and crystals offer. Working with crystals includes wearing or carrying them with you in your pocket, meditating with them, creating grids, and drinking elixirs made from crystal infusions.

Crystals and stones can help raise our vibration and align any energetic imbalances. Their subtle energy sometimes resonates with our own and strengthens our frequency. When holding a crystal or stone next to one of our major energy centers (chakras) it’s energy resonates with our own and radiates a positive influence. This happens because the crystal’s vibration resonates with the vibration of our higher self, thus elevating our frequency to a higher state. This energetic boost opens up our cognition to the possibilities before us which can enable us to grow and become a better person. Each stone and crystal has its own energy that is determined by its own structure. The difference between how a stone and a crystal work is that the stone radiates energy while the crystal amplifies it.

For example, clear quartz is considered a master stone and generator. It can be used to amplify energy (if you feel great then the crystal will amplify that happy vibration and thus make a room feel light and joyful). A large Amethyst crystal cluster will radiate and fill the room with its own energy. Crystals are also keepers of information. One can “program” and store information in a crystal trough meditation.


When a stone is worn close to the body (like on a necklace or bracelet) it will strengthen the energy and personal qualities of the wearer that resonate with those of the stone. This is why wearing a carnelian stone might make someone feel energetic and uplifted. A Lapis Lazuli stone will resonate with the energy of the third eye chakra, thus making someone’s intuition and psychic abilities stronger and easier to access. The feel good sensation experienced when being near a crystal is what hooks people into collecting, carrying and working with multiple stone combinations.


A stone will seem to “call” or “choose” a person because the energy it emanates will resonate with the person’s own energy thus causing an attraction. One might see a stone and instantly fall in love with it. It is not uncommon for someone to pick up a stone that calls him and feel a jolt of energy, electric currents, heat, cold, or unexplained joy and giddiness. On the flip side, that same person might experience unpleasant reactions when being near other stones. These may include dizziness, lethargy, and disorientation. These reactions are due to the person’s own frequency adapting to the stone’s. Feeling like this usually happens when handling high vibrational pieces like Moldavite. Learn more about how to feel crystal energy by reading this article “Can You Feel The Power Of Crystals?”.

To choose the right stone, use your intuition and follow your instincts. If you are interested in enhancing a certain attribute in your personality, for example courage, do some research to find the right type of stone. Tiger Eye would be an appropriate stone for this. If you prefer to just let the stone pick you based on what the current circumstances in your life are, then just pick which ever crystal you feel drawn to. If you are interested in purchasing crystal and gemstone jewelry check out my Etsy store for a wide range of stones and styles by clicking on this link https://www.etsy.com/shop/EternalBlissed.

Check out the video below for a fun and deeper explanation regarding this topic.

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