Video: 21 Days Liquids Only Diet- My Nirahara Samyama Experience

I am currently participating in this month’s batch of the 21 day meditation and liquid diet program: Nirahara Samyama. This program was created by my Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda to help the participant break any negative patterns associated with food, detoxify the body, and heal from any food related illnesses and disorders.

Today I completed Level 1, which means for the past two days I have only consumed liquids. No solid food.
The next phase coming up is Level 2 which will be 7 days liquids followed by a one day break in which I can eat solids again. Level 3 is 11 days liquids only. 
During  the program the participants must perform daily chanting and meditation. The objective is to learn how to absorb nutrients from prana and develop a feeling connection with the divine. 
This is my second time doing the program. The first time I did it was in April 2016. I wrote a detailed account of my experience and the r sulta. You can read it here “Life Beyond Food: Nirahara Samyama“.
In this video I explain the following:
How does it work? How do I feel? What did I get from the program the first time? What is my day like and what do I drink?
Learn more about Nirahara Samyama at
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