An Insider’s Look Into Tarot Card Reading

The following is not a lesson on how to read the tarot. Instead, it is a personal account of how I prepare, conduct, elaborate, and provide accurate and insightful readings. I have been reading tarot for several years, and along my path I have experimented with various spreads, decks, and methods. The below is a true insider’s look into what it is like to give someone a tarot reading.

Preparing and creating the space for a successful reading.
The ritual of tarot begins the instant someone requests a reading. In the early days of my practice, I used to request at least a day’s notice prior to conducting a session. I needed time to ground, center, and align myself. Now, I feel so connected and aligned to my own consciousness, I can tap into a higher state quickly with very little effort.

 However, that does not mean I encourage anyone to take their abilities lightly or for granted. Interpreting the messages given by spirit and the subconscious is a big responsibility. A reading should always be conducted with care and respect.
To prepare, I instruct myself to clear my thoughts and detach from any judgment and duality. It is important to be a clean empty vessel to be able to receive concise and solid information.

 Next, I allow myself to open up and feel the client’s emotional state. As an empath, this is easy for me. If I sense nervousness or anxiety I try to relax as much as I can and project my own peace outwardly. I picture my inner light embracing the other person, calming them down. I proceed to greet and make small talk. I then explain the process and how I will be conducting my session. If the person is still tense or nervous, I lower my voice and drop my pitch a little bit. This adjustment is so that I do not excite or aggravate the other person. Once I notice that the client is calm and relaxed I turn my focus back to me.

Do The Shuffle!

I select a deck based on intuition. There are hundreds of thousands of decks available in the market. I currently have three. My main deck is actually my very first ever. It was a gift I received on my 14th birthday. It is a variation of the classic Rider Waite deck. I feel very connected to it. The natural wear from years of handling has left the cards soft and easy to handle.

I like to first clear the deck by tossing individual cards into four separate piles. While I do that, I visualize any past energies and ties to any previous clients banishing and clearing. I picture the images in the cards disappearing completely, leaving them as blank slates. Next, I grab two of the four piles and shuffle the contents into one single pile. I repeat with the remaining two and then once again shuffle until I end up with a single pile. I hand the cards over to the client and ask that he or she clear their mind. To only concentrate on a single subject or question and shuffle as they focus quietly on their question. At this moment I do not ask them what it is that they want to know. I want to maintain my inner vision clean with no distortions or deviance. 

Once the client is done shuffling, I ask that he place the mound on the table and place his left hand over it. I explain that I will place my own hand over his hand and “absorb” a little bit of energy. This sometimes freaks them out, so I try to be very casual and lighthearted about it. I hover my hand over theirs and close my eyes to allow myself to feel their inner space. This action sometimes causes tingling, heat, or an electric jolt between us. This is a sign that a connection has been established. I repeat this process on their right hand.

Spreading the love.

Once the shuffling and parting is complete and a feeling connection with the client has been established, I proceed to ask the person what he wishes to know. Usually the client is very brief about the question, and I appreciate that. Not knowing too much about that person is best because there is less room for assumption or bias. Based on the complexity of the question I intuitively choose a the spread in which I will lay the cards. Below are my favorite and most common:

Two card opposing spread and a message card from the Ascended Masters. I use this spread when answering a yes or no question. One card represents the possibility, and the other the obstacles.
message card. I favor this spread when answering questions about the past, present, and future

The cross spread is a good option to examine a more complex question in detail from different angles.
My favorite and most often used spread: Horseshoe. This one answers past, present, obstacles, factors in favor, and an outlook for the future.
Calendar Spread : Each card represents a month of the year plus the present and a card with advice. I do not use this one as often, but when I do it is very fun to read.

I ask the client to lay each card he chooses one by one facing down. Once all cards are on the table, I breathe deep and ask cosmos for guidance. I flip the first card, and allow the information to come in trough my third eye. As I look at the pictures I begin to “see” the meaning and how it relates to the client. Sometimes I will receive images and flashes of parts of that person’s life. I will feel what they felt and see the scenes. Sometimes my third eye will narrate messages and I will repeat them out loud. I read the spread card by card, unfolding like a story. We cover the past, present, and the possible future. I always remind the client that there is no such thing as a pre-written solid future. We have free will and can change any circumstance and outcome.

 If I feel that there is more information that needs to be revealed based on any of the cards, I ask the client to give me another card. I take my time interpreting and conveying the message. I allow for questions and elaborate deeper if I am asked to do so. Once all cards have been interpreted, I ask the client if he has any other questions related to any of the cards. Lastly, I ask spirit for advice, and to please offer a solution to any problems or questions. 

I like to pull one card from the “Ascended Masters” deck by Doreen Virtue as the final lesson. Before the client picks a card from that deck I ask him to please focus on whomever his spiritual master is, and ask that he be given advice. As I reveal that card and interpret, we conclude the session by meditating on that message and what it offers for the current situation.

Wrapping it all up.

After the session is over I like to take a moment to ground and help the other person ground and center. As I pick up my cards, I silently thank them and honor them. To me they are valuable allies that help me transmit messages from the universe. I lovingly place them back in their case and close the session completely. Once the client is gone, I like to use the techniques I shared in this blog “5 Ways to Stimulate your Senses and Align your Chakras” to clear any unwanted energies and properly ground and align myself. Sometimes if the session was very emotional I may feel light headed and spacey. After properly grounding and releasing, I eat a light snack and focus on coming back into my body.

If you are interested in booking a tarot reading session locally (I am in the Los Angeles area) or via Skype please visit this link and fill out the contact form.
Cost per session is $50 USD.

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