Accesorizing Intuitively: How Sacred Jewelry Can Raise Your Vibration

Getting ready for a long day (or an exciting night) can be turned into a ritual that can shift energy in your favor. Dressing and accessorizing intuitively using certain metals, gemstones, crystals, symbols, and other magical items can help you achieve any goal you set. Wearing energy charged rings, pendants, and bracelets can help you align your chakras, and raise your vibration. When you are functioning at higher frequency, you attract the best of life. Read on to learn how to channel your inner goddess to look and feel radiant.

Choose your weapon: Types of jewelry and their function.

Sacred ornamentation has been widely practiced for thousands of years by many civilizations. Necklaces, crowns, rings, bracelets and earrings were all used for a plethora of reasons. For some, these adornments were a symbol of their rank or status. For others, charms and pendants offered protection and enhanced personal power. In modern-day not much has changed. Diamond rings, and gold Rolex watches are a sign of a lavish lifestyle. Someone who wears Rudraksha and Sandalwood malas can be identified as a spiritual seeker who is looking for more than just the materialistic pleasures of this world. The chart below can help you choose the best materials for your magical jewelry.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.19.34 PM

IMG_4087 (1)

What kind of jewelry and where should you wear it?

The most common types of jewelry are rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, malas, and anklets. Where you wear the jewelry on your body can directly affect the chakras in that area. For example, necklaces can be worn short in the form of a choker with a gemstone that corresponds to the throat chakra to stimulate and open the area. Or, they can be worn long with a gemstone pendant to stimulate the heart chakra. Rings encrusted with specific gemstones can be worn on certain fingers to attract wealth, confidence, love and good health (see the Vedic reference below). Earrings are a good reminder to listen and learn. They can also stimulate the throat chakra.

Below are some styles of sacred jewelry whose gemstone combinations can help attract certain attributes. These pieces were designed by my friend, and fellow Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji devotee, Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda. If you are interested in learning more about her, and to view her gallery please visit her Etsy store here: Also, check out the article I wrote titled “Female Gurus You Should Know” in which I cover her story and contribution to the spiritual community.


All jewelry picture above can be purchased at

How to pick and choose the right pieces to accessorize with?

You can choose the pieces you will wear based on certain factors:

  • How you feel (pick whichever piece calls to you. You will feel strongly attracted to the one best suited for your needs).
  • What you want to attract
  • Days of the week and their correspondence
  • Chakras you wish to work on
  • What ever looks good! Have fun connecting with the energies of the stones, woods and metals.


Visit the links below for more information on benefits of metals, woods, and gemstones.

The Healing Benefits Of Copper


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