Candle Magic: What Is It And How Can You Use It?

Candle magic is one of the easiest ways to manifest your desires and obtain quick results for what you want.  It requires minimum tools and anyone can do it. In fact, most of us have already done some form of candle magic and ritual in our lifetime. This form of magic can be as simple as making a wish and blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. Or as elaborate as conducting visualization and prayer rituals for several days over carefully selected anointed candles on a specific phase of the moon.

What is magic?

Magic is using your willpower and consciousness to cause change in your life. This change is made internally, not externally. To attract what we want we must first change our beliefs about how we currently feel about the subject. For example, to attract financial abundance we must align ourselves to the belief that money comes easy to us. While some define magic as using external paranormal forces to fulfill our desires, from my experience I know that the power lies within. Our focus and visualization is stronger than any talisman or potion. When we declare boldly what we want, and use integrity to pursue it, existence will shower us with that and more.

How does it work?

We are the creators of our own reality. Understand that all of the circumstances, events, and happenings in our life are of our own making. When we assume responsibility and declare that we can and want to change some aspect that we are unhappy with nothing can stop us. Magic is a combination of intention and action. Declare what you want and then act upon it.  To learn more about manifestation read my article “How To Manifest Anything You Want In 4 Steps“.

So how can lighting up a candle bring a new car, a lover, or good health into your life? 

Using objects (a candle) to symbolically represent your intention can stimulate your subconscious and help you focus on your goal.  The tool becomes a medium to amplify your intention and make your desire heard. Crystals, oils, herbs, and incense hold certain energies and frequencies that can strengthen your vibration and power when used in conjunction with the candle.

Tools, colors, and correspondences

To perform candle magic at its most basic form all you need is a candle and a lighter. When your desire, faith, and belief are strong you can perform very powerful and efficient magic without any tools. Using only the power of your will and visualization you can achieve amazing results.

However, most of us need a physical object to help us focus and direct our energy. Use the chart below to guide you into choosing the right tools for what you want to achieve. Please make sure to use a new piece in your ritual. Do not work with an old, halfway consumed dinner candle. Do not leave a burning candle unattended. Use a candle holder if using a taper or votive. When you got out to buy your candle set the intention and hold that space (stay focused and positive on what you want and why you are doing it). The intention that you set when making your purchase is just as important as burning the candle and reciting your spell.

correspondences chart
Got my candle, what now?

Know that you can do magic anytime, anywhere on any day. However, if you want all the help you can get in making your wish a reality, you can use the phases of the moon and certain days of the week to your advantage. So for example, let’s say that you want to find a new job that pays well, where you will be happy and make friends. Buy a green candle (for money), an orange one (for opportunities and success) and a pink or yellow one (for friendship, harmony and joy). Burn your candle on a new moon on a Thursday. You can carve a sigil (symbol) for the planet Jupiter (patron of good fortune). If that seems scary or intimidating then do a dollar sign and a happy face. The candle, colors, and symbols are all representations of what you want. They are re-enforcing your desire and helping you internalize and express yourself.

Before beginning your ritual create a mental space of positivity and clarity. Clear out any thought of impossibility. To achieve you must believe you can. If you are nervous or feel blocked do one of the 5 techniques I share in my article “5 Ways To Stimulate Your Senses And Align Your Chakras“. Cleaning the room in which you will perform your ritual is also important. Burn sage to dispel any unwanted energies.

Once your mind is in the right place take a couple of minutes to meditate on what you want and why you want it. Do not worry about how it is going to come to you. Leave that up to the cosmos. Just know deep in your being that it will happen!

Are you ready? Let’s make magic! 

Close your eyes, visualize yourself inside large bubble of bright light. Imagine you are safe and radiant. Breathe in and out deeply, relax and focus on making your bubble stronger and brighter. Next, light your candle. Gaze at the flame and see, feel, touch, taste and hear  the results in your mind. Visualize strongly what you want, and see yourself enjoying it. The element of fire transmutes energy. As the wick burns, the energy you are putting into manifesting is being sent out to the universe.

Next declare out loud, strongly, and passionately what you want. All words are prayers and spells. I strongly suggest that you make up your own incantations. This is your wish so why would you want to repeat someone else’s spell? Repeat as many times as needed. Always focusing on what you want NEVER on the opposite.

When you feel that you have expressed your desire and that you truly believe you deserve it, complete the ritual. Thank your guides (Angels, God, etc). Visualize your bubble slowly fading. Next, ground yourself. Grounding is important to get you back to reality. Performing a ritual with intensity can make you feel a bit light headed and disconnected.

Once you are settled and centered, Let the candle burn out completely (if you have to leave then snuff it out). Now, let go of what you just did. Do not go about your day thinking and re-playing your ritual. Know that you have set and declared your intention and the rest is up to existence. Do not sabotage your intention by constantly thinking about your ritual and questioning whether it’s working or not.

Remember, magic is action and intention. Take the necessary steps to help your magic manifest. If you did a weight loss spell, clean up your diet, and exercise. There are not enough candles in this world to help you lose weight if you don’t put down the Coke and Cheetos. May your intentions be strong and your magic powerful!

For more information on correspondences check out this article by Llewellyn.

To purchase candles and other ritual items like the one pictured in the chart above visit the Sage Goddess online store.

To learn more about ceremonial magic and related topics check out Mind and Magick on YouTube.

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