What Happens During a Psychic Reading?


Have you ever wondered what happens behind closed doors during a psychic reading? Does the thought of getting a reading intrigue and/or scare you? Read on as I share my experience of a recent visit to a Shamanic healer, channeler, and reader.

Last week I visited an Intuit, and had a very accurate reading done. Later that day, I myself gave a tarot reading to a friend and made some observations about what it is like to be on both ends of the experience. Giving a reading, and receiving one, can be a very exciting yet nerve-wracking experience.  Here are some tips and advice about what to expect, how to prepare, and what to look out for when booking a session with a spiritual communicator.

Saturday July 2, 2016 -Temple of Light (Irvine CA).


Amaya Victoria – Renowed healer, chaneller for Isaiah, and spiritual teacher.

My friend Iris told me that she recently had a psychic reading and healing done by a healer named Amaya. She felt the reading had given her a good outlook at what was currently going on in her life. Being fascinated by all things mystical, I asked her for Amaya’s information and booked a session.

When I arrived at Amaya’s office at Temple of Light in Irvine California, she was in session with another client. I waited outside. After a couple of minutes, she peeked out the door and asked if I would mind waiting a little bit longer. She seemed to be in an altered state. Her light skin was flushed bright pink, and her gaze was droopy. She spoke slowly and seemed disoriented. “Shit,” I thought to myself. “Do I really want to spend my money on her?”

Ten minutes later Amaya opened the door and escorted her client out. Her client seemed relaxed and peaceful. Amaya greeted me, and asked me to come inside. I walked inside her office and closed the door behind me. The room was small and accommodating.  Large crystals and Egyptian goddess statues glowed beautifully under mood lighting. Colorful mandalas hung from the walls. Their bright colors put me at ease.

She asked what I was there for. Did I want healing? Or did I want for her to channel my spirit guides? “No thank you,” I said. “I just want a general reading.” She looked at me and started describing intimate details about my life. She told me about my innermost desires and spiritual doubts. She did not ask any questions, or use any divination tools like tarot cards or pendulums. She just talked, and talked, and then talked some more. At times she looked at me in the eyes, and at others she stared into the space in front of her. She claimed that all of the information she was sharing came from what the guides and spirits were telling and showing her. As I relaxed, I felt our connection deepen. The channels of communication flowed smoothly. As we got deeper in our conversation, I noticed that she started grounding and settling into her body. Her slow speech picked up, and her face seemed to change from droopy and sleepy, to a more animated, younger, and livelier version.  

This type of psychic communication is a mixture of clairaudience (she heard words and names), clairsentience (she just knew what was happening in my life), and clairvision (she can see symbols, places, and scenes). If you allow the communication to flow you may experience a telepathic connection with the reader. In my experience, I was allowing her to look into my space. By doing so, I was able to tap into her thought current which enabled me to feel and sense what she was hearing and seeing. My experience with Amaya has taught me that experiencing oneness with others is what makes it possible to express those abilities. When we let go of the “Her vs. Me” mentality, a true connection can be established. When Amaya was telling me details about my personality, instead of judging and analyzing every word she said, I just sat back and listened. I did not block any thoughts. I just let her express what she was feeling.

When I gave a tarot reading to a friend later that day, I used the same technique of allowing oneness to happen. I let go of my own mind and identity. I allowed myself to feel my friend and tap into her awareness. I spoke what came to mind and tried not to limit or filter too much. I feel that a reader is simply a channel for the client’s subconscious to make itself heard.

The experience with Amaya was a positive one. I felt that she was accurate about some aspects, and our conversation was reassuring that I am on the right spiritual path. She surprised me when she said she saw and felt my Guru’s presence (Paramahamsa Nithyananda). Her tradition is from Native American Shamans, and she is not familiar with Hinduism or eastern traditions. She kept saying, “I hear a word that starts with an “S”, but I don’t understand it. I hear a foreign language.” I knew what the “S” stood for. It was “Swamiji”, the nickname I call my Guru. I kept quiet and let her focus. She said, “I feel the word Avatar, but that does not make sense. You see, I associate Avatar with big blue beings from that one movie.” I had to laugh. “I completely understand Amaya.” I told her, “That is exactly what my Guru is, an Avatar.” I gave her some background info about Hinduism and my Guru. She relaxed, and I could feel her confidence boosting. She then went on to talk about some of my past lives.

We ended our session going over the advice the guides gave her for me. She asked me to pray for the planet. She told me to share my knowledge, and consider teaching others. She offered to teach me about her traditions. She suggested that I be patient about my spiritual development, and assured me that I was on the right path; that I would soon bloom and blossom. We shook hands, and I exited her office. The overall experience was pleasant. It opened my mind to new dimensions of myself and my life.

In the past, I have had readings that ranged from great to horrible and mediocre. The most disappointing ones were from readers who were pushy and dishonest. When talking to any person operating professionally in the spiritual field, there are some things I would recommend for you to be on the look out for. Ask your self: Do you feel comfortable talking to this person? It is normal to feel a little nervous or scared when in session with a reader, however at no time should you feel vulnerable or intimidated. When a reader has a high vibration, and is sincerely looking to provide you with spiritual guidance and healing she will ease you into the experience. Her essence will draw you to her, and you will feel comfortable talking about your self. In my experience, the way psychic reading works is the reader enters a space where she is highly sensitive and aware of herself. She is fully in tune with her surroundings and others. This enables her to connect and feel your energy and emotional state.

Prepare yourself for the reading by clearing your mind, focus on what you want to know. It helps to make a list of questions prior to your appointment. Most importantly relax and allow the process to happen. This will help strengthen the channels of communication between you, the reader, and your subconscious. Keep an open mind, and listen attentively. There is much wisdom in silence. Pay attention to what is said in between words. Sometimes, it is best to not have any specific questions. It is ok to just ask for guidance, and general advice. Listen to what is being said to you, not what you want to hear. Take time to digest the information.

If at any time you feel that the reader is pushy, threatening, or something just seems off, listen to your intuition. Unfortunately, not all professional readers have your well-being in their best interest. Some may make up stories about curses or terrible things that will happen to you unless you pay them outrageous amounts of money to “heal” or “liberate you”. A good dose of common sense and skepticism is beneficial. Know that your future is not set in stone. We have the gift of free will and the choices we make is what shapes our life. When we assume full responsibility for our actions and our choices, we become powerful and will manifest the best of everything that we want. A reader should not dictate what you should or should not do. She will only help you see the bigger picture. Be wary of anyone that demands that you do exactly as they say. Do not submit yourself to anyone. Your will is your strongest weapon and tool.

A reading should be taken as a chat with a mentor or a good friend. It should inspire you to express your best qualities, and live life at your peak capacity. An integrated reader will not tell you that you will die, or that a situation is exclusively black or white. While a reader may be able to tap into higher consciousness and have a deeper spiritual understanding, she does not hold the ultimate answers for YOUR life. You are the creator, preserver, and destroyer. Guides can lead us and light our paths. However, your life is exclusively your own experience meant for you to enjoy and thrive.

Before you seek out a psychic ask yourself what is driving you to seek outside guidance or advise. Are you taking the time to listen to yourself? Many times we might feel desperate and needy for reassurance and good news. However, this anxiety is usually caused by holding on to too many emotions. We can save time and money by simply meditating and praying to our consciousness for an answer. The solution might just be in front of us waiting for us to acknowledge it.

When visiting a spiritual communicator, be in a high state of joy and calmness. If you are desperate, and in a low vibration, you are making yourself vulnerable to mixed messages that may just confuse and aggravate your state of mind further. When choosing the right person, use your intuition and common sense. If the reader’s bio seems too good to be true, full of frills, and promises of quick and easy solutions to any problems, run the other way. Seek out someone that you feel an attraction to. Someone whose photo  or personal description resonates with you. Seek out references, and look for honest reviews. A little research, and a background check will help your chances of finding a reputable and honest reader who may offer a positive experience and great advice.





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