Darkness in Spiritualty: The Highs and Lows of an Empath

For an empath, having the ability to feel and experience the pain and emotions of others can be difficult and stressful. It can lead to dark emotions and imbalances which can stall and regress spiritual growth. The gift of  empathy can feel like both a blessing and a curse. Picking up on the moods, ailments, and struggles of another can leave the empath physically drained and mentally exhausted. When the empath does not know how to ground and control his abilities, he can feel victimized and powerless.  Below are some ways to identify, manage, and learn how to use empathic traits to your advantage.

Traits of an empath:

An empathic person is someone who absorbs, and is affected by the feelings and emotions of others. This can also include physical symptoms, and it is not limited to humans. There are people who are empathic towards animals and the planet earth. Their ability to feel the pain of others and be influenced by their moods can be overwhelming. Distinguishing between personal emotions and those picked up from others can be tricky. Empathy is not the same as compassion or feeling sorry for others. The empath literally feels and sometimes takes over another’s emotions and physical ailments. They often attract individuals with lower vibrations and psychic vampires. While the troubled person may feel much better after spending time with an empath, the empath in turn may feel sick and ungrounded. Acknowledging and understanding what it means to be an empath is the first step towards leaning how to manage and use the abilities for the best.

An empath:

Knows Things:  May experience downloads, heightened sensitivity, and strong intuition. His precognitive abilities  enables him to “just know” what is going to happen or what another is hiding. Abilities such as clairsentience and clairvision may develop spontaneously. This knowledge may be underestimated and mistaken for simple thoughts or coincidences. Not paying attention to these intuitive messages can often result in missed opportunities and fall outs in relationships. Should have, could have, would have.

Does not do well in crowds:  Feels overwhelmed and can become fatigued after spending time in busy malls and social events. This person generally prefers being alone or outdoors in nature. Has a short tolerance for liars and narcissists because he can feel when something is off. May be short-tempered and anxious because he does not know how to handle the energy he absorbs from others. May suffer from social phobia and fear of intimacy. May be secretive and reclusive because instinctively  he feels the need to shield and protect himself.

Is naturally creative and imaginative:  May be an overachiever and gets bored easily. Because the empath knows what is required and expected of him, tasks and relationships may not be challenging enough. This may lead the person to trail off into his imagination and become aloof. This person may often fall into a trance state listening to music or meditating. Can easily tap into the subconscious by creating and visualizing. Has the ability to manifest effortlessly.

Feels responsible for the feelings of others: He just can’t seem to shake off interactions and experiences. He may become troubled and worried from picking up the pain and emotions of others. May become obsessed with helping alleviate someone’s situation. Sometimes this person will not be able to differentiate between his emotions and those that belongs to others. May self diagnose with illnesses and emotional disorders. He may develop a hypochondriac persona.

Has intense reactions and projects back what he absorbs:  For example, the empath may pick up on anger and irritation, and in return will fire back at the person whom he originally picked up from. When this happens it may feel like relief, but for the other person this will be very intense. This can cause emotional and physical pain. The good news is that a trained empath can transmute and transmit energy. Just like he can make someone feel better by absorbing negative energy; He can also drop, ground, and transmute the energy and use it to heal.

The path of the empath may feel lonely and difficult. 

How to manage these traits and abilities:

If you are an empath struggling with these abilities, I advise that you first learn how to ground and release any energy that is not your own instead of shielding and protecting. We are all connected in this existence. We develop ties to others simply by looking at others. We can absorb energy by reading a text, or even just by watching someone on television. Therefore, it is important to learn how to drop the energy, cut ties, and ground our selves. By shielding and avoiding interaction, you are negating the joys of friendship and the experience of oneness. Raise your vibration and surround yourself with the company of those who are in a high state of joy and bliss. As an empath you will thrive when you experience and perceive their high vibrational energy.

1. Meditate.

In my blog “5 Ways to Stimulate Your Senses and Align Your Chakras” I provide active meditations to help you ground and become aware and present. These are good exercises that can help you determine if what you are experiencing are your own emotions or those you picked up from others. Practicing a passive meditation such as the “Unclutching” technique taught by  Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been very beneficial to me . It has helped me realize that I am not my psychological, neurological, or physiological ups and downs. The technique involves observing the breath, and sitting in quiet meditation observing and releasing any thoughts.

2. Wear or carry crystals such as Hematite, Onyx, Smoky Quartz and Black Kyanite. 

These crystals have grounding and protective energies that can help you align and center. Wear them as jewelry or carry them in  your pockets. Hold them while you meditate. As an empath you can train yourself to feel their energy and to merge with their frequency. Citrine can help you repel unwanted energy, and alleviate depression and mood swings. It also attracts abundance and good fortune.

Lava Rock, Black Kyanite, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Citrine and Obsidian Sphere.

3. Raise your vibration.

Align your self to a higher purpose. Spend more time doing what you love and enjoy. Adjust your diet to include more high vibrational foods such as raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid meat, alcohol, and drugs because they agravate your senses and block your chakras. Spend time outdoors in nature, with animals, and visit sacred locations such as temples and sanctuaries. Watch comedy and inspirational films. Listen to music that makes you feel powerful and excited. By raising your vibration you can develop the ability to do energy healing, communicate telephatically and sense and feel energy.

How to use empathic abilities to your advantage:

If you have the ability to download knowledge, apply it to practical every day situations. Tap into your subconscious during meditation and ask for answers to problems your may be facing. If you “just know” what someone wants or expects of you, use it to advance in your career and enrich your relationships.

Use your ability to feel the pain of others to transmute that energy and transmit healing. When you feel reject towards those who lie or seems to have dark intentions take a moment to realize that they are in pain and seeking light and relief.  If you are feeling aches and physical aliments use that as an opportunity to center and ground into your body. Drop any beliefs that you are your moods and ups and downs.

Make friends and drop your walls. Although this may seem challenging and scary it can actually be very beneficial and it will increase your spiritual growth by multifold. See your self reflected in others. Be open to experience oneness. When you absorb unwanted energy use this as tool to learn more about what is really happening inside and what is really you. Discover you!

Last and most importantly, do not fall into a space of powerlessness and self-pity. If you are expressing these abilities be grateful for the tools and powers you can develop and master. Make a commitment to expand and grow spiritually. Elevate your self so that you can inspire others to achieve a higher state of awareness. Sitting in depression and complaining about body aches will not bring progress to your journey. Take a proactive approach and responsibility for your own thoughts and emotions.


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