The following is a true story about animal communication, and the time a Pitbull named Tyson spoke to me. He gave me a very mystical message to share with his human companion.

Saturday November 28, 2015: Hollywood CA

I was sitting at a bar knocking back a Jack n’ Coke with my friends Janette, Santi, and Israel. We had spent all night bar hopping, checking out a live bands, and taking in the Hollywood scene.

“Last call” yelled the bartender. We grabbed our coats and chugged the rest of our drinks. “Hey let’s head back to my house for a nightcap” suggested Santi. We called for an Uber and drove to a nearby liquor store. Then about two more blocks down to Santi’s apartment.

Santi opened the front door and we were greeted by two massive Pitbulls. “These are Chloe and Tyson” he said. The two giants smelled us and wagged their tails. Chole, the smaller of the two looked at me with a friendly gaze and strutted down the living room to make herself comfortable. Tyson looked at me, cocked his large head, and curiously stared into my eyes. I stared back and smiled. “Hi Tyson” I told him both out loud and mentally.


Janette and I sat on the couch and chatted while Santi and Israel fixed us some cocktails. Tyson came around and plopped his head on my lap. I petted him and laughed. He was just too sweet. He lifted his head and looked at me. He placed his paws on my thigh. Janette and I both laughed and went on talking. Tyson then squeezed his way into the couch and laid besides me.

Santi and Israel came to join us, and we started talking about random stuff. Suddenly, trough the chatter, in my mind I heard “Hey, look at me”. Okay, I paused and turned around. Nothing. None of my friends seemed to have heard that. I ignored it and went back into the conversation. Then again, the voice said “Hey, I need you to tell him something”.

“Okay, I am f*cked up” I thought. “Maybe I should stop drinking.” I looked down and to my surprise, Tyson was staring at me intensely. He got up and walked towards Santi. Santi patted Tyson’s head and kept on talking. Tyson then looked at me again. “Tell him something” I heard again.

I turned my gaze away and looked at my drink. This was too weird. Tyson left the room and then came back with a baseball hat in his mouth. He dropped it on Santi’s lap and we all burst into laughter. “Hey Tyson, what is this? What are you doing?” said Santi examining the cap. I casually said “Maybe he wants to tell you something.” Santi went into deep thought and said “Well, this hat belongs to a friend that I am not in good terms with.”

I blurted out “Tyson said that you should not be angry.” Everyone looked at me. Tyson walked over and again stared into my eyes. Suddenly, the flow of telepathic conversation just streamed through me. I told Santi everything I heard in my mind exactly as it came in. Tyson wanted to let Santi know that he was his brother in a past life, and had come back as an ascended being to teach him about friendship, love, and loyalty.

Tyson and Santi: Brothers in a past life?

Santi was shocked. He exclaimed “He is my brother and is here to teach me about love?!”. Tyson paced in a small circle and barked. We all looked at him in disbelief. “Tyson, can you understand me?” I asked. He responded by pacing again and grunting. Janette and I looked at each other. Our eyes and mouths wide open. “Did you see that! I am not crazy, you guys saw it right?” My friends nodded “Yes”.

Santi went on to tell us very personal stories about his childhood and other information that correlated with what Tyson had stated. During the conversation, Tyson made comments and expressed bits of information that I could not have possibly made up on my own. Most incredible was the fact that Tyson was nodding, and motioning visibly to Santi and the rest of us as if to confirm that what I was saying was coming directly from him. After the conversation, there was no doubt in my mind that Tyson’s real purpose for incarnating as a dog in this lifetime is to guide and teach Santi.

Tyson is a registered service animal.

The following day I was in disbelief that the incident had really happened. I try not to overanalyze and have just left it at that. Since then, I have experience other animal communications. I approach all animals, large and small with upmost respect always trying to establish a telepathic connection before touching them.

Other memorable communications include sharing my soup with a squirrel who came upclose and told me she wanted to try it. A mother cow giving me permission to touch her baby calf, and most recently, my very sick dog Ozzy told me he felt cold and scared.

The squirrel that asked me for soup.

The important lesson to take from this story is that animals are here to teach us and to co-create this reality. Like us, they exist with a purpose and are also looking to expand and evolve. If we co-exist in harmony and build a relationship of love and mutual respect, the channels of communication will open and we will hear their voice.

It is important to see animals as our equals. We might be from a different species but ultimately we all have feelings, emotions and dreams. Treat them in a respectful and non-judgmental. They will be more than happy to reciprocate.

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