10 Ways to Help Animals Without Giving Up Meat

Are you an animal lover but not quite ready to stop eating them? Want to make a difference in their lives but not change your diet? Check out this list for the best ways to help animals NOW.

1. Say no to Leather, Fur, Suede, Angora, and Wool. 

Shop humanely. Buy synthetic man-made materials like vegan leather and vinyl. Did you know that leather does not just come from cows? Other sources of leather include deer, seals, pigs, and dogs. Yes, that clutch you are carrying may have been a Chihuahua in its previous form. There is a high chance that the fur trim on a coat, gloves, and hats may have come from a dog. Check out these eye-opening Nine Shocking Fur Facts and then make an informed decision about your purchases.

Common brands that I personally wear which feature a variety of products made with man-made materials  are Guess, Under Armour, Sketchers, Vans, and Converse. The fake leather jacket I am wearing on my profile pic came from Forever 21. Here is a website that lists cruelty free stores VRG.jORG

Mr. Ed is the Grandaddy of all bulls at Farm Sanctuary in Los Angeles. His beautiful skin is very soft and looks majestic on HIM . It is not meant to be worn by you or me. 

4. Use only cruelty free cosmetics and hygiene products.

I was heartbroken when I found out MAC tests on animals. For years I wore their makeup without a clue until PETA posted a campaign asking MAC To stop their testing. Visit  Cruelty Free Kitty for an updated list of brands that test on animals as well as a list of those that don’t.


3. Substitute dairy with an alternative option. Cow milk contains hormones, antibiotics, and pus. Many of the cows in dairy farms develop Mastitis, an infection in their teats. This causes them to ooze pus which then gets mixed with the milk. Read  this article  published by New York Times best-selling author Michael Greger M.D. for more information about how what is in milk.

Some tasty milk alternatives include; almond, coconut, cashew, rice, and soy. Try swapping for one week and see how you feel. Happy cows do not come from California.

4. Snub the Zoo, Sea World, and the Circus.

When we support keeping wild animals in captivity (the zoo, aviary, aquarium, ect.) we are condoning them to a life of loneliness, depression, anxiety and physical distress. I promise you will get a better spiritual life lesson watching an animated talking panther on “The Jungle Book” than a psychotic ape eating its own poop at the zoo.

Thanks to boycotting efforts, protests, and informative movies like Blackfish the future for “entertainer” animals looks bright. On May 1, 2016 Ringling Bros officially retired their elephants. All elephants will be housed in a Florida conservation center. Read the CNN article here.


5. Adopt. Do not Buy

The notion of “pure breed is better” is stupid and misleading. Most dogs and cats available for sale in pet stores come from dog farms known as “Puppy Mills”.  In these farms the mothers are often overbred and kept in unsanitary conditions facing harsh weather, neglect, and abuse.  The puppies are often separated from their family too young and not allowed to socialize which is incredibly important for them to develop a healthy social behaviors. Many of these mill puppies develop genetic conditions and illnesses because they come from a lineage of inbreeding . Cute “Teacup” dogs are commonly known to have serious conditions such as weak bones, low blood sugar, and skin disorders.

puppy mill

Most animal shelters are over capacity, and many of the dogs and cats there are not given enough time to live and get adopted. Not interested in joining the “Pet Parent Club”? Then donate to your local shelter or rescue organization. Food, blankets, leashes, and beds make wonderful donations. You can also volunteer your time to these organizations.

6. Report abuse

Minding your own business and keeping quiet about an abusive situation makes you an accomplice to an atrocious crime. If you know about illegal activities taking place in your neighbourhood such as dog fighting, home breeding, or cock-fighting report them immediately. Do not be scared. You can file anonymously. pitbull

Also if you know of an animal that is kept outdoors in extreme weather conditions, underfed, or mistreated do something! Just because he is “Not your dog, not your problem” it does not release you from ethical responsibility. If you saw a child beaten and starved would you stay quiet? Animals have rights and breaking those rights is punishable by law. Learn more about animal rights and ongoing campaigns at the Humane Society website.

 8. Support protesters and advocates

In item #4 of this list I mentioned that thanks to the efforts of protesters and animal rights activists the times are changing for the best. These courageous individuals work diligently to enrich the lives of animals and to educate us. Most of the time their hard work is volunteered which means they do not get paid. They hold full-time jobs and take action in their spare time. Many times they cover medical care, food, and housing for rescue animals out-of-pocket. They personally finance informative materials, website maintenance fees, and many other tools needed to spread their message. Take a moment to acknowledge and reward their efforts. Visit their websites, like, and comment. Support by donating or by partaking in a protest. Honk when you see one!

Two years ago I participated in a PETA protest against Ringling Bros. In the beginning I was hesitant, shy, and nervous. However, after talking to some of the participants and reading the signs and pamphlets I felt an intense urge to speak out against the abuse taking place. The experience was life changing. I grew as a human being and my consciousness expanded. I understood the meaning of oneness and how we have the power to really make a change.


Please watch this short video to become inspired and help make a change! Please visit their website  http://www.animalhopeandwellness.org/ and show your love and support. If you are in Los Angeles visit their store and rescue center and donate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.06.05 AM.png

9. Pick up poop and trash in the street.

Going back to #6 on the list. Drop the cognition of “Not my dog, not my problem”.  If you are walking your dog and immediately pick up after him, thank you! Good for you. However, if on your walk you come across a giant pile of poop,scrunch your nose, roll your eyes,and exclaim “God! These people are so gross and irresponsible” while walking past it then you too are an irresponsible jerk. We are all inhabitants of this planet and it is our duty to keep it clean and beautiful. By not picking up trash and waste we are supporting pollution and risking disease and contamination.

Dogs and cats have a highly developed sense of smell. They smell everything including feces and urine in the street. When they are exposed to it they risk becoming infected with parasites which could cause serious health risks. When you step on poop you too are bringing the particles into your home and exposing your family.

Trash in the streets is bound to attract rodents and insects. Soon you will find your neighborhood infected with these pests. If the trash makes its way to the sewer it will end up in the ocean and very likely harming the marine life.

This turtle died from consuming our trash. 

10. Follow your heart 

You are a incredible being who has been gifted with intelligence, awareness and consiouness. Use it!


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