What is a 3rd Eye and Why Should Yours Be Opened?

Have you ever wanted to know what someone is thinking? If they are hiding something? Would you like to diagnose an illness just by looking at someone? Do you wonder what you pets would say to you if they knew you could “hear” and understand them?

If the answer is YES! then read on and learn all about the Third Eye.

As humans we all have what is commonly known as a ‘Third Eye’. The Pineal gland is a pea-size endocrine gland located inside our brain which produces some of our most important chemicals like Serotonin (stuff that makes us happy) and Melatonin (what regulates our sleep). This little wonder is activated by light and plays a crucial role in our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is linked to our memory, intelligence, creativity, intuition, will-power, healing abilities, telepathy, and clairvoyance .

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In Vedic tradition the pineal gland is referred to as the Anja Chakra (a chakra is an energy center located in a specific area in our body). Anja is located in between our eyebrows and therefore it is referred to as the ‘Third Eye’. This particular chakra rules all others and is our direct connection to higher consciousness and oneness with the universe.

Unfortunately, many of us have a physically calcified and dormant pineal gland. Our gland becomes imbalanced when we consume toxic substances like meat , processed foods, GMOs, and fluoride. The chakra becomes blocked by jealousy, ego and seriousness.

Some of the nasty effects of a calcified gland are:

  • Obesity / weight gainUA7h30TFqjpWiJY-Csef84XXXL4j3HpexhjNOf_P3YmryPKwJ94QGRtDb3Sbc6KY
  • Insomnia and poor sleep patterns
  • Low IQ
  • Depression and other mental disorders
  • Digestive and thyroid disorders

That sucks! How do I fix it?

To decalcify your pineal it is imperative that you discontinue using toothpaste and any other oral hygiene products that contain fluoride. Immediately stop drinking fluoridated water, follow a vegetarian diet, apply Kum Kum, and stop being an asshole. Ha! Seriously, stop taking yourself so serious.

“Seriousness is nothing but paying undue importance to something, at the cost of everything else. It stems from the inability to see that all of life is just a drama that is unfolding every minute. Seriousness is the result of over-expectation from life.” Paramahamsa Nithyananda from the book ‘Guaranteed Solutions’

We feel that by making a big deal about the things we do and that by following a carefully planned schedule we will achieve perfection. We go about boasting our pristine orderliness, and feel so proud about our masterfully crafted plans for our imaginary future. The social mask we wear every day keeps us from getting in touch with our true selves. Seriousness dulls our mind and blocks our creative flow.  To awaken and strengthen the intuition, creativity, and intelligence needed to “read” minds and “talk” to animals we need to become childlike and spontaneous. Laugh your way to enlightenment!

How to read someone’s mind and know if they are lying:

Stop judging. When we judge we are usually projecting onto others what we really think about ourselves. When you say “Jeez, that girl is soooo fat” what you are really saying is “I am so insecure and unhappy with my own body the first thing I notice on others is what physical shape THEY are in.” Ouch! Judgement of ourselves keeps us from moving forward for fear of making mistakes and hurting our Ego.

When we LISTEN sincerely with no hidden agendas or bias we can really catch the message another person is trying to convey. When we allow ourselves to become sincere we tap into a higher stream of consciousness that allows us to identify and connect with others in the same frequency. Our BS detector sharpens up when we let go of all that BS of our own.

Want to talk to animals?

Stop treating, seeing them, and referring to them as a DOG or CAT from a lower species. Believe that they are sentient intelligent beings that possess the ability to communicate with you. Animals express through their feelings and emotions. When you allow yourself to be joyful and no longer feel like a separate entity you experience oneness. Sit down and watch Fluffy without judgment. Observe and enjoy how She interacts with the world. Animals do not have a hungry ego, just a hungry stomach and a full bladder. Soon enough you will hear them yelling across the living room “Hey! Take me out for a quick pee.”

Benefits and perks of an awakened third eye:download

  • Higher intelligence (literally an IQ boost)
  • Anti-aging and healing
  • Creativity and excitement
  • Ability to “download” any information directly from the Cosmos
  • Communicate telepathically with anyone regardless of their location.
  • Locate lost objects, read blindfolded, see in the dark, and develop 360 degree vision
  • Physically see auras and energy

Too good to be true?

I can testify that these abilities are real and can be experienced when you third eye has been awakened. Mine was opened in February 2016 in India during the Inner Awakening program. My Guru “Swamiji” Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave me physical initiation (called Deeksha). He touched my third eye and transmitted his own energy to me, awakening the Anja chakra and Kundalini. Read more about Kundalini in this blog entry  Kundalini Awakening- Activate the X Men in You.

Since initiation, my intuition has heightened. My visualization and manifestation skills have sharpened (read my blog “How To Manifest Anything You Want in 4 Steps“). I can “hear” the thoughts of others and somehow I just “know” what they want or what they will say. I can communicate with animals. I physically see orbs and colors emanating from some beings.

I have seen demonstrations showcasing blind folded third eye reading and experienced it on my own at the Nithyananda Bidadi Adheenam. The young Gurukul students there are like little super heroes. They possess extraordinary intelligence and uncanny abilities through the use of their third eye. Check out this video of an amazing 10-year old reading blindfolded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtLkzg8bFgA

Third eye… Wake Up!

Signs that your third eye is awakening include pulsations, tingling and/ or pressure on the area. When you close your eyes you may see flickers of light or colors. You may experience visions and/ or hear your intuition give warnings and messages. During sleep or meditation you may experience downloads (knowledge installed into you).

If you are interested in developing the abilities listed above, I recommend that you practice the meditation I have provided below. You can also use certain crystals that can help activate, cleanse and balance your Anja Chaka. Some of my favorites are Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Dumortierite, Sodalite, and Iolite. I wear them as jewelery, carry them in my bra or pockets, and when I am lying around the couch I place them directly over my Third Eye to stimulate the energy. My Atma Linga also activates the Anja. I place it on my forehead during meditation. I also apply Kum Kum on the area because it helps decalcify the pineal gland.


Subscribe to Swamiji’s YouTube Channel for more meditations –>bit.ly/20j90wr . 




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