How To Manifest Anything You Want in 4 Steps

The science of manifesting can be broken into four simple steps. When applied correctly, we can have anything we want and take control of our destiny. It is in our very nature to seek fulfillment and our desires are the driving force that moves us. Because we are creators of our own reality, the universe is ready to fulfill our wants and needs. All we need to do is place our order in the cosmic drive-trough.

“Your whole life is a long chain of events performed towards the one goal of fulfillment. Whatever you may do, whether it is eating or drinking or having relationships, wealth or joy, it is all to experience fulfillment.” Paramahmsa Nithyananda.

Step 1 – Be honest: What do you want?

We are constantly wishing, wanting, fantasizing and craving “something”. However, because most of the time we are not in tune with ourselves or fully living in the present we find ourselves plagued by self doubt, self hate, and denial (SDHD).  Our judgment and desires become murky and rarely do our wishes come true.

Having an idea of what we want is not the same as knowing and declaring it to existence. The first step to manifesting is to know exactly what it is that you want. Take a moment to write down the specifics. For example, you want a new car. What make and model is it? What year? Color? Trim? How much will your payments be? You cannot just say “Universe, I want a new car!” and expect one to magically park itself in your driveway. Be as specific as possible when expressing your desire. When creating your vision know that there cannot be conflicting desires going against it. So let’s say you want a new car BUT you do not want to pay extra for full coverage insurance, and you do not want to cut back on going out and having fun so that you have enough money to make you monthly payments. The desire to own a new car is now challenged by the desire to have extra disposable income to support your social life. Conflicts in our desires causes confusion and then we no longer know what we want, forget about it, or just give up.FB_IMG_1460740498788

Same concept goes when we want to change an aspect of ourselves and be “something”. For example, “I want to be an executive and earn a lot of money”. However, “I do not want to take on extra responsibility. I do not want to sacrifice my family vacations or spend years going back to school to earn a degree.” If there are conflicting desires against what you think you want, then your intention is not honest or integrated. Only when you are 100 percent sure of what you want and there is no other conflict, all of your energy will flow strongly towards fulfilling and manifesting your reality. Declare what you want over and over until the idea has penetrated your subconscious, gets stored in your brain, and becomes a command.

Step 2 –  Be your intention

You are your intention. Fake it till you make it right? In a sense, yes. When we align ourselves to what we want or who we want to be we become exactly that. Say you want to be a professional athlete. Every step and action you take should take you closer towards your goal. Also very important to know is that you must believe you deserve it and that you can do it.  Our biggest distractor is our SDHD. How many times have you wanted to loose weight but felt that “Oh i just can’t stop eating bread” and then you might say “It’s my genetics, my whole family is overweight, I am just big boned” and lastly “I hate myself, I have no self control. It’s so hard to diet it is not for me”. These are all symptoms of falling victim to our own laziness and incompletions. When we stop sabotaging our own efforts we can achieve anything. When we act with integrity and do exactly what we said we would, the wheels are set in motion and our order begins to cook.




Step 3 – Take action and manifest

Now that you have declared it and decided that you do deserve, it the next step is to just do it! Paramamsa Nithyananda explains in his book “Living Enlightenment” that a desire is manifested by two types of energy; Vak or “Speech Energy” and Kriya Shakti or the power of action. Knowing what you want and acting towards it should be in tune. You can’t just know a lot (for example you know all about Rockstars and want to be one) but not apply enough action (you do not own an instrument, and you are too lazy to take music lessons). It has to be a perfect balance of both. When your goal is very big and you feel overwhelmed,  take baby steps. Do what you can with the resources and knowledge you have at the time. This will trigger a chain reaction and existence will provide exactly what you need and align you to the persons who will help you get there. The most crucial thing to remember here is that you have to take initiative and get things rolling.

There are certain mystical objects and external factors that can help you align with the energy of your desire and help you strengthen your faith and confidence. Some objects I have used to help me align are crystals, oils, candles, prayer, chanting, meditations and blowing Bhasma. When I need a reminder of my objectives I carry or wear certain stones. For example, Citrine when I am looking to attract money. I also anoint with certain oils like Dragon’s Blood when I want to be fierce. Every morning I pray and declare my intentions for the day to the Deities in my altar. I burn candles, incenses and certain herbs to clear the energy of my house and attract positivity.  I also use Bhasma to make wishes and obtain results (read more about Bhasma here).


Step 4- Achieve and Enjoy!

How many times have we manifested something and got exactly what we thought we wanted but later hate it and end up in an unpleasant situation of regret, bitterness and dissatisfaction? An example of this could be you get hired for your dream job but then realize that the company’s expectations are very high, your workload large and your boss is very demanding. To avoid or overcome the initial shock and frustration we must act only out of right context and remember why we wanted it in the first place. When we want something for the right reasons there can be no negative backlash. If you view the situation from a positive angle the company’s demands and expectations will push you to perform at  your peak capacity and you will become more efficient and as a result excel at your new position. Enjoy what you created, thrive and live fully in the present. Do not get stuck re-playing incidents from the past (I should have done this) or worry about the future (how will this affect me? How will I maintain this?). Once you achieve a desire, your aspirations will most likely mature and you will want to move on to another. This is part of expansion.

A very important part of manifesting is to acknowledge and be grateful for what you receive. Be generous and share. By sharing I do not mean give away all of your money, but teach others how to be successful like you. Enrich others and help them learn to manifest and enjoy life. When you enrich others you become beautiful and radiant. Your abundance will multiply and your good fortune will continue to grow.

Here is a fun quick guide to some of my favorite Crystals and Stones that have helped me manifest and align.688b5ba4d34ba326c333b899f15eb0b9

For more videos and teachings by Paramahamsa Nithyananda visit and subscribe to his YouTube Channel
Check out a free PDF copy of the book  “Living Enlightenment” here



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