Kundalini Awakening – Activate the X-Men in you


What is Kundalini and why do we want to wake it up?

Kundalini Shakti is our inner potential energy. It lies coiled at the base of our spine in our muladhara”Root” chakra. When this energy is awakened it shoots up trough our chakras, up the spine, and to our brain where it wakes up the dormant non-mechanical parts. So what does this mean? When that strong energy is vibrating trough our being we being to experience incredible side effects such as an increase in cellular energy levels, physical healing and rejuvenation, heightened intuition, joy, peace, bliss and well-being. It also sparks our drive, creativity, and can even help us with genetic transformation. Who wouldn’t want to awaken their own inner X-Men? Imagine to be able to heal like Wolverine, or to use levitation and telekinesis like Jean Grey?

Looks like Jean Grey’s third eye is fully awakened.

That sounds pretty cool. How do we awaken our Kundalini?

The energy can be awakened by various methods such as Yoga, breathing techniques, Kriyas, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. Deep devotion, an emotional event, or activation of the main seven chakras may also result in an awakening. While some spiritual seekers spend years practicing, and only achieve a partially awakening; Others experience powerful and spontaneous awakenings trough darshan (a transmission of energy) from an enlightened master.

It is believed that these high vibrational energies are expressed in an individual when he is ready to experience the awakening. The seeker must be ready and willing to move forward with the life-changing events that will follow. Sincere seeking, devotion, and readiness will attract a person or circumstances that will assist with the process. In February of 2016, during the Inner Awakening program, my Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave me initiation, and my Kundalini woke up. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kundalini awakening, I urge you to please follow a path of love, meditation, yoga, and clean eating. Do not be misguided by persons who are not properly trained and do not have the capacity to awaken your Kundalini. Do not take drugs or herbal elixirs that promise a mystical experience. Engaging in this can lead to very unpleasant and harmful situations. Do not waste your time.

Swamiji initiating a Devotee.

What does it feel like when the energy is rising, and how will i feel once it is awakened?

Everyone’s experience is different. There is no standard or average. The intensity, how quickly and easily it is achieved, and the extent of the effects will be vary per individual.

My first glimpses of Kundalini happened when I was a freshman in high school. I was learning about meditation and dabbling in candle magic. My practice consisted of meditating on a candle flame while listening to Ravi Shankar. One day I was very relaxed, really feeling the music. I was sitting in crosslegged position, my back very straight against a wall. I closed my eyes and began to breathe deeply following the sound of Ravi’s sitar. Suddenly my hands started tingling and then my arms felt prickly. I ignored the feeling and just kept breathing. Then my arms started to levitate on their own. I got a bit freaked out but my curiosity was so strong I just went with it. Suddenly my arms started moving in circles. That was it! I got pretty scared, blew out the candle, apologized to Jesus for my blasphemy, and dashed out to the living room to watch TV with my mom and dad.

Another notable experience happened earlier this year. I was at home trying out a meditation by Swamiji I found on YouTube called “Life Bliss Meditation”. The very first time I did it, I felt a strong tingling in my back and my legs started shaking. My shoulders were twitching, and my back muscles flexed on their own. I began to panic. Was I being possessed by a ghost? I did not stop. I did the whole meditation, and it felt fantastic. I liked the feeling so much I practiced it every night for a whole week.

When my Kundalini was fully awakened the experience was beyond anything I had previously felt. The first signs were my legs shaking uncontrollably. As I went trough more sessions with Swamiji, that energy would flow up to different Chakras. Sometimes my belly would feel hot and I would sweat profusely. I could feel the energy moving wildly in my stomach and then move up to my chest. My spine would curve and straighten violently (I never felt any pain or discomfort). When Swamiji opened our third eye, he directed the Kundalini to go up to that chakra. I would feel strong tingling and pulsations between my eyebrows. When I closed my eyes I would see mandalas and geometrical patterns. About three weeks into the program, during the Shivoham process, my Kundalini went up my spine and shot out trough my crown chakra. When this happened I felt absolute ecstasy. In my mind’s eye, I saw a golden cobra hovering over my head. I felt so light and radiant, nothing could touch me or bring me down. Tears streamed down my face. All I could whisper was “Oh God!”.


My Kundalini is awake. Yay! What now?

To maintain the pure energy flow of Kundalini it is recommended that you follow a pure vegetarian diet. Daily yoga practice, meditation, and completion strengthens the energy, and supports healing. Extraordinary abilities such as levitation, third eye reading, and telepathy can be developed and may spontaneously manifest. It is important to maintain a strong clear inner space because it will help attract and manifest health, wealth, happiness, and joy. When the Kundalini energy in us is awakened we become radiant. The way people interact with us reflects our inner bliss. When our third eye is open, we become joyful and childlike. We start to loose our ego, and attract the right persons and circumstances into our life.

Inner Awakening participants levitating during Kundalini awakening initiation.

When I returned to work after my trip to India I was shocked to find my co-workers welcoming me with a smile saying they were happy to have me back . My parents and my husband look at me with a renewed spark and love in their eyes. Strangers smile at me and treat me with respect. Even my dogs are more affectionate, and actually listen when I give a command. My intuition sharpened. I began to pick up on people’s thoughts, and knew what they wanted before they even said a word.

Another positive effect I have experienced since the awakening is manifestation of money when i need it. I have increased stamina and physical strength. I completed a 21 day liquid diet, and I have been sober for three months now. Recently, I experience the death of one of my dogs, and another was injured in an accident. During this time I was able to deal with both situations in a collected manner. Completion with grudges and resentment of the past has been possible due to my Kundalini awakening.

All of us have the ability to awaken our Kundalini energy, and to gain extraordinary powers and abilities. Our inner potential energy leads us to manifest the life that we want. When our energy is flowing and there are no blockages in our chakras, we can create and hold the space to heal ourselves. We can destroy unwanted patterns, addictions, and behaviors. We can become a better version of ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

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