Blue Hands- How I became a Nithya Spiritual Healer.


We have all heard of Blue Beard, blue moon, blue M&M’s, blue balls, and The Blue Man Group. What about blue hands? Well, it just so happens that according to my kid sister, Kari, my hands literally turned blue while I was doing energy healing on someone.

Monday February 15, 2016: Bidadi India- Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam

It was week two of the 21 day Inner Awakening program. Our morning started with the usual routine; 5 A.M. Yoga, Pada Puja (ritualistic offering of gratitude to the Master), Satsang (discourse given by our Guru “Swamiji” Paramahamsa Nithyanada), followed by a delicious vegetarian sattvic Indian breakfast.  Afterwards, we were in for a special treat. Meditation, and two gifts that would enable us the power of energy healing.

Roughly sixty something of us sat on the floor inside a mandala shape drawn out with white tape. The purpose of the assigned seating was to conduct energy, and allow us to receive the full benefit of each session. To me, it just looked pretty cool and made the whole process seem even more surreal!

mandala .jpeg
IA participants sitting in mandala shape.

We waited patiently for Swamiji to make his way into the hall to begin the day’s session. To our surprise, his assistants walked in first. They were holding large metal vessels filled with small fluffy red bags. “Hmmm… what could possible be in there” I wondered.

They set the vessels on the floor next to Swamiji’s large regal hand carved wooden chair. As our excitement grew, suddenly, the sound engineers in the back of the room played Swamiji’s entrance music. We all craned our necks anxious to catch a glimpse of him. To our surprise, he came in from a different door than the usual. Next thing we knew he was standing right in front of us! Ha! I could see a small mischievous smile on his face playfully enjoying our disbelief.

He sat down in the center of the mandala, and told us he was going to be gifting us a valuable tool that would enable us to reach him spiritually, open our third eye, and physically heal ourselves and others. He grabbed one of the red pouches and pulled out an egg shaped crystal carved with geometrical designs similar to the mandala that we were sitting on. “This is an atma linga” he said. He went on to explain that the crystal was fossilized ice that had turned into pure 24 karat quartz. He had each piece engraved with sacred geometrical patterns called Yantras which symbolize Lord Shiva, Devi (his consort Goddess), and Guru. He instructed us to take care of the linga, and always keep it with us. The bag that held the linga is made from cloth from his own wardrobe. Inside it was filled with fine grey ash called Vibhooti.

A fellow Inner Awakening participant: Donna Delahanty receiving her atma linga from Swamiji.

Vibhooti is considered sacred by Hindus, and it is claimed to have healing properties. Taking a pinch and blowing it while making a wish will grant the devotee that specific request. This process is called “Blowing Bhasma”. I have successfully blown plenty of Bhasma. Only once my wish did not come true. I wanted to watch “Straight Outta Compton” and I could not find it playing on any TV channel in India.

Swamiji then explained how we can use the linga to heal. First, the healer places the linga directly on the patient’s body over the painful area. Next, the healer focuses on his “ananda gandha” chakra which is an energy center located below the heart center. In this chakra matter merges with consciousness. The healer then utters the words “Nithyanandoham”, and focuses on allowing the linga to act as a conductor of energy between Source and the patient.

The next couple of days went about our routines interacting and bonding with our lingas. Then, it was announced that we would be officially initiated into healing. “Hell yeah!” I whispered to my self. One of my dreams has always been to communicate with animals and to spiritually heal them. Initiation would surely mean I would fulfill my dream of becoming Dr. Yogi Doolittle. There was just one “catch”. To be a healer, one must not consume meat, eggs, yeast, or mushrooms. Also avoid onion, garlic, green chillies, and most importantly not smoke or drink alcohol. Crap! There goes my favorite Friday night pastime: Pizza, hot sauce, Hot Cheetos, and a double Jack n’ Coke.

After a painfully long meditation (It wasn’t that bad, but I was so eager to get initiated it felt like forever.) all participants got in line. One by one we went up the stage to be physically initiated by Swamiji. When it came to my turn, I was a empty canvas. I stared at his beautiful glowing form. I kneeled in front of him. He smiled, and I melted. I closed my eyes and he placed his hand on the crown of my head. Then, he rubbed my third eye with his thumb. When it was over, I opened my eyes and thanked him. He smiled, and handed me a thin bamboo reed. The reed was to be used to touch the opposite gender (In India it is not customary for females or males to touch random persons of the opposite gender.) when healing.

My atma linga and healing stick.

Fast forward to Friday April 1st, 2016- Gardena CA

I went to visit my parents at their house. I greeted my mom, and then my dad who was wearing shorts and sitting on the couch watching TV. I noticed my dad had a nasty bruise on his leg. The whole shin area was swollen and scarred. I asked him what had happened. He said he accidentally hit himself on a counter at work. I saw that he was wearing a knee band. I asked him about that. He said his knee had been acting up. I felt a sudden desire to heal him. It hurt to see him in pain, I really wanted to do something to help.

I kneeled before my dad and asked him if he wanted for me to heal him. He looked at me funny but agreed. I took out my Atma Linga and cupped it in my hands in prayer position in front of my chest. “Swamiji please bless me to help my father. He is in pain. Please heal him trough me.” I silently prayed.

I proceeded to place the linga on my dad’s leg and whispered “Nithyanandoham”. I hovered my right hand over his leg and closed my eyes. I pictured Swamiji’s smiling face and laughter. I visualized radiant glimmering light flowing from space right trough me. Suddenly, I started to feel an energy current pulsating through me. I was trying hard to focus, but I could feel my sister (who was witnessing it all from another couch in the living room) staring at me. “Oh dang.” I thought, “What am I doing? Who the hell do I think I am to be doing this?” Self doubt began creeping in. “NO, I must not give in to these stupid thoughts!”

I remembered Swamiji’s teachings about SDHD (Self Doubt, Hatred, Denial). In one of his Satsangs he said “If you want to grow spiritually to the next level, if you want to be active, if you want to contribute something to the world, achieve something in the world, be very clear, the first and foremost thing you need to do is: BE SURE ABOUT YOU!”

Ok, cool I got this. I pushed away the doubt and kept going with the healing. Slowly, the energy started to slow down. Kinda like when the gas tank on a car is almost full and the pump kills the flow. I lifted my hand and the linga off my dad’s leg.

“DUDE!” my sister exclaimed, “Your hands were glowing, they were blue!”. Hu? I turned my gaze up to meet hers and saw her eyes opened wide, and her mouth drooping in amazement. “Did you do that on purpose? Am I hallucinating?”.

I laughed. “I didn’t do anything, it’s all Him.” Yes, Swamiji had blessed my petition to help me heal my dad. My dad then said “How curious, I felt pulsations in my leg” He caressed his shin. “It felt like little electro shocks. My leg does not hurt! My knee does not hurt! How did you do that? What did you do?”. My dad was smiling, I was in shock. 

Since that day I have continued to practice energy healing mainly on my dogs and myself. I’ve noticed that my hands feel very hot on my end, and the electric tingling lingers for a little while after I am done healing. Sometimes I feel jittery, and I need to ground myself and release the extra energy. One time, I noticed that while I was healing my dog, the energy flow was really strong and I felt like I zapped him with electricity. He must have felt it too because he jumped up and ran under the bed! 

If you would like to become a Nithya Spiritual Healer or are interested in learning about it check this article out. Watch this video to learn more about SDHD.



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